Thought I would join Ginny and Nicole this week and show you what I made 
wearing something I made!

As you can imagine I have been deep in Newborn Mode.  After what has been the hardest pregnancy I have had so far, I am still struggling to get back into the groove of life.  I have had lots of ideas for blogging, but of course that is much easier said than done when you have a 4 week old!

So today, after I dressed Posy for mass, I thought I would take a few pictures of her in her dress I knit for her before she was born.  This was a great pattern for those last weeks of pregnancy, (well before I got sick!) as it goes really quickly and it came out super cute.  I also whipped up a matching hat.

I wish I had taken notes on the hat, but I didn't!  I think any beret pattern would suffice, just instead of doing a plain rib, do the smocking rib.  It is super simple and looks really great!  It is kind of funny how it pushes down on her brow and makes her look annoyed!

{yarn along} October 8th, 2014

I really miss blogging, but being able to do so with all that is going on (getting ready for baby, schooling 5 out of 8 kiddos, plus the general chaos that life in a big family can create) it has been hard to fond a moment!  Most moments are spent sitting in the recliner wondering if my ankles will every go back to a normal size.  I know they will, this isn't my first rodeo, but at 38 weeks, it is starting to feel like this is never going to end.

Anyway, knitting!  I have been knitting and I even started a crochet project.  A crochet project that will probably NOT be done by the time baby comes.  Maybe?

I thought I would show you my favorite knit that I have made for Posy, poor baby has a blog name but no real name yet!

It is this Tin Can Knits sweater.  I do not get a commission from them, so trust me here, I adore their patterns.  And hey, if they did give me a commission it would all go towards their patterns and yarn anyway.  The pattern is the i heart rainbows sweater.

I was so afraid of it but once I got going I was totally in love.  I made it short sleeve, though, because I do have to admit, that the idea of knitting with fingering weight navy blue yarn for one more row might have driven me mad.

It really was my favorite knit, probably of the whole year!

As for reading?  Well most of that is baby name lists these days.

And here is a sneak peek at Posy, all squished.  She is running out of room folks!

38 weeks and counting.

Oh and I guess I better start thinking about Christmas crafting, huh?



Nicole at Frontier Dreams


4th Birthday!

Not too long ago we celebrated another birthday... ok, it was like a month ago... 
but I am finally posting about it!  

I had planned on a Frozen theme but due to chaos, it got streamlined quite a bit.  It involved mostly watching the movie, opening presents and enjoying a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  

I made Sweet Pea some peg dolls, like I did for Buttercup.  I am hoping to make a peg doll for each of the kids on their birthday for their cakes, this year.  Last year it was pillowcases, this year wooden dolls of themselves!

I also made her Saint Sophia and her three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love.  
I of course, cannot find them right now, but luckily I got a shot of them on Instagram before I completely finished.

I have really enjoyed doing the peg doll makeovers.  I still have some more to go, 
but I think they will have to wait till after the baby comes!

{yarn along} Socks!

This week I wanted to share with you all the socks I have been working on for Posy.  I have some yarn heading my way from Knit Picks and hopefully I can get started on some new things for her.  I am 28 weeks now, so I have until late October/ early November (with my luck), to get some fun things made for Posy.

I'm not too happy with the way these came out.  They look kind of terrible, even after I blocked them.  I think the problem was the needles I used.  I used some wooden needles and the yarn just did NOT move smoothly along them at all.

That pattern is also very hard if you don't know anything about making socks!  But I do love the ribbing at the ankle, it is rather brilliant, as it keeps the baby from kicking them off.

I then decided to whip up some of my baby sock pattern with some leftovers from my Hermione socks. It is kind of adorable you know... we will have matching socks!

As for reading... um, well not much.  It has been too hot to do anything other than sit in a chair and think about how hot it is.  ;)

 So what are you working on?

{yarn along} July 21, 2014

I finished it!  I gave a little sneak peak of it in my daybook on Monday, but I finished Posy's first sweater.... well, other than I am short one button.  We will see when I can get off my duff and go buy more.  I love how I will have to buy a strip of seven just for one.  But I will make use of them!

I really like this pattern and have made a few.  It is a simple straight forward cardigan but with the buttons off to the side give it a bit of a more fun look.  It is a great sweater pattern for beginners, for sure!!

I just started a little pair of socks for her, since everything I want to make for her seems to require DK weight yarn and next week is payday.  Actually I have books I want to get too... oh the quandary!  Books or yarn?  Yarn or books?

Speaking of the written word I am almost done with Pope Awesome and Other Stories.  I am really enjoying this book!  It had me almost laughing out loud in the dentist waiting room, making everyone look up from the electronic devices and wonder who the crazy lady is laughing at paper.

I am also reading  The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning.  I am also really enjoying Simcha's perspective on this.  NFP has always been hard for me and so reading through her thoughts and those from Jennifer Fulwiler in Something Other Than God, have really helped me keep my focus and prepare me for that lovely post-partum period of uncertainty that will hit me sometimes in late October.... or with my luck early November.  Anyway, it is a nice reminder of WHY NFP is so important.

More Saint Dolls & a Cake Topper

The other day was Buttercup's 8th birthday and I wanted to make some more saint dolls for her, since I was unable to pull off a pillow case in time.  Don't worry, she will get one, just late!

From left to right: 
Saint Dominic Savio, Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint Lucy, a priest, and Saint Dymphna.

 From the side-back: St. Josephine, Saint Lucy, St. Zita, and St. Dymphna

I was a little disappointed in my Saint Josephine.  The paint would not smooth out, but I have to remind myself that these are for the kids to play with and perfection is not the goal.  Right?  Right!

I also made her a little family, but her complaint was that there was not enough children.  So apparently I need to get cracking and make about 7 more according to the consensus around here.  Only two kids? That is weird in this house!

And lastly, I made her a cake topper.  They are not just for bride's anymore!  I thought this would make a great tradition as well.  Everyone gets a cake topper of themselves for their birthday.

Another thing I did this time, was I made sure to take a fine point pen and write what saint or person they are and the year on the bottom.

{yarn along} July 9, 2014

I have not been doing much knitting.  It is hot which makes me rather not in the mood to handle yarn.  But I keep thinking about that this poor sweet baby girl on the way, whose blog name will likely be Posy, and nothing hand knit just for her!

So today I am going to try and be a good girl and finish this little sweater.  And then plan something fun to knit next.  She will be born in October (hopefully!!) so it will be nice and crisp, perfect for lots of knitted goodness.

I just finished the romance novel An Offer From a Gentleman.  I know, I know.  It is a guilty pleasure.  I enjoy Julia Quinn since she is so light hearted.  This one was a fun little Cinderella story.  Quinn is always good read for an emotional pregnant lady!  I am just starting Something Other Than God.  I LOVE it so far.  I "knew" Jennifer back when her blog was The Reluctant Atheist and I was Another Catholic Mom... a decade ago!  It is so fun to see how far she has come and what a wonderful path she is on.

So hopefully next week I will have a new project to share with you and we will see if I read any more trashy romance novels I found at the library.